WorldPM 2022 - Lyon, France

October 2022

STAR group members Simon Graham, Oliver Levano, Sam Lister, Cameron Barrie and James Pepper attended the WorldPM 2022 conference in Lyon, France. This conference covered all aspects of powder metallurgy, with attendees from across the globe. More details about the event can be found here.

Simon and Oliver gave presentations on some of their FAST research, with Simon receiving the EPMA Keynote Paper Award for his manuscript. The conference was very useful for us, with interesting presentations and discussions with various related PM companies at their stalls.

Conference papers and presentation titles

Simon Graham

Keynote Presentation

Solid-state Processing Of Surplus Aluminium Alloy Powders Through A Combination Of Field Assisted Sintering Technology And Hot Rolling

Oliver Levano


Consolidation Of Titanium Swarf And Surplus AM Powder Via The Solid-state Processing Routes Of FAST And HIP.