James Pepper


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Area

Alloy Development

Solid-State Processing



In 2018 I obtained an MSc in Fusion Energy from the University of York, specialising in multi particle modelling of shockwaves . This allowed me to enter the Advanced Metallic Systems CDT at the University of Sheffield where I carried out my PhD, sponsored by DSTL, finishing in 2023. This work focused primarily on the use of Finite Element Modelling (FEM) simulations  to predict and create unique microstructures from designed electrical, and thermal gradients in the FAST process. 

Current Research

I started as a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) in 2023, staying with the STAR group and joining MAPP after submitting my PhD. MAPP is an EPSRC Future Manufacturing hub standing for, Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes, and aims to deliver on the promise of powder-based manufacturing to provide low energy, low cost, and low waste manufacturing routes and products. My work with this group will continue to focus on the benefits of channelling the electrical current in the process, with a view to target components at larger scales, and to further improve the efficiency of our analysis routes using MIPAR and FEM simulations.