TMS 2020 conference –

San Diego, USA

February 2020

Nick Weston, Beatriz Fernandez Silva and Daniel Suarez Fernandez had the opportunity to show off their latest research at the TMS 2020 conference. The conference is focussed on materials and it gives an opportunity to hear interesting talks on many aspects of the materials world.

Nick’s presentation on the FAST-forge process generated a lot of interest. This included developments on the FAST-STEP 3 project (, in which near net shaped components are made from titanium swarf using FAST.

Beatriz discussed her work on macrozone formation during the production of Ti834 compressor discs, and their effect on dwell fatigue life.

Daniel presented a poster on the effect of machining and microstructure on fatigue performance of Ti-6242 compressor discs. His poster was well received, achieving third place in the conference poster competition.

Conference papers and presentation titles

Nick Weston


Field Assisted Sintering Technology fo Swarf Titanium To Engine Parts in 3 Steps.

Beatriz Fernandez


Macrozones and dwell fatigue failure in a near alpha titanium alloy. 

Effect of Machining and Microstructure on Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo.