About Us

Sheffield Titanium Alloy Research (STAR) is a group of academic staff and students studying alloy development, thermomechanical processing, and machining science of several alloy systems with a focus on titanium.

We have strong industrial links with several industries, including aerospace, automotive, and cutting tools. Many successful collaborative research projects have been done with companies such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Sandvik Coromant, TIMET and SAFRAN Landing Systems

Our researchers regularly publish novel research in high-quality journals and present at major international conferences.

Our Latest Publications

Powder Sintering

Channelling electric current during the field-assisted sintering technique (FAST) to control microstructural evolution in Ti-6Al-4V.pdf

Machining Science

Rapid acquisition of digital fingerprints of Ti-6Al-4V macrotexture from machining force-feedback measurement data.pdf

Alloy Development

Effect of processing route on ballistic performance of Ti 6Al 4V armour plate.pdf

Our Research Areas