Prof. Martin Jackson


Professor of Advanced Metals Processing

Henry Royce Institute Research Area Lead in Advanced Metals Processing


After obtaining an M.Eng (First) from The University of Sheffield, Martin initially followed an aerospace materials career working for Rolls-Royce before studying for his PhD at Imperial College London.

In 2003 he was awarded the IOM3 Titanium Prize and in 2005 he was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering/EPSRC Research Fellowship, moving back to Sheffield in 2008. Martin was appointed to Senior Lecturer in 2011, Reader in Metals Processing in 2017, Professor in 2019 and is a UK representative on the World Titanium Committee.

Alongside his role at the Univerisity of Sheffield, Martin is the Henry Royce Institute Research Area Lead in Advanced Metals Processing.

Current Research

His research centres on the effect of solid-state processes from upstream extraction technologies through to downstream finishing processes on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties in light alloys, and in particular Ti alloys for the aerospace, automotive and defence sectors.

Major research interests include:

Providing a step change in the economics of titanium-based alloys through the development of new alloys from rutile sand and non-melt powder consolidation routes such as FAST-forge and continuous rotary extrusion

Determining microstructure and property evolution in key manufacturing processes such as superplastic forming, forging, machining and shot peening.