Dr Pete Crawforth


Technical Fellow

Funding body

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)


Dr Pete Crawforth holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. In 2014, he completed a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at the same institution. His project studied the emerging subject of metallurgical analysis of machined titanium. More specifically, the mechanisms of microstructural damage were investigated to rationalise the formation of damaged structures.

Following this, he continued to work within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering having been granted an EPSRC / University of Sheffield Doctoral Prize Fellowship. Pete is currently the Machining Group’s Technical Fellow for the Hole Generation Team. His primary area of research is in developing novel hole generation strategies for aircraft assemblies. He is responsible for the technical delivery of the AMRC’s One-way assembly (OWA) grand challenge, which has a current portfolio value of ~£1M including ATI, CATAPULT and AMRC Board and Directed generic funds.

Pete has been able to build a strong research team that is made up of research groups from across the AMRC. The OWA grand challenge was the AMRC’s first cross-cutting coordinated work programme, which required building a team spanning the Composite Centre, IMG, DPTC and the Machining Group. His ambition for the grand challenge is to further utilise the cross-cutting resources the AMRC has to offer and to lead the deployment of OWA best practices into the AMRC’s partner companies and the wider UK supply chain.