Dr Luke Benson Marshall


Business Development Manager


Henry Royce Institute


Dr. Luke Benson Marshall was a Post Doctoral Research Associate working towards low-cost titanium components for use in automotive applications. He completed both his MEng Materials Science and Engineering degree and his PhD in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at The University Of Sheffield. 

The title of his PhD thesis was “The influence of aluminium additions on titanium during machining through the application of a novel orthogonal cutting test method." 

Past Research Focus

Dr. Luke Benson Marshall's primary research focused on the development of novel low-cost titanium alloy chemistries derived from the Metalysis Process, formerly the FFC Cambridge Process, for processing using continuous rotary extrusion (CRE). This included thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of candidate chemistries, development of powder compaction techniques and analysis, relevant extrusion practices, and product property analysis and prediction. 

His secondary research revolved around high-performance machining of titanium alloys, which centred on the novel plain strain machining (PSM) test developed during the course of his PhD thesis. Areas investigated included cryogenic machining, "machinable" titanium alloy development predictions, and subsurface deformation examination.