Metal Forming 2016 Conference

- Krakow, Poland

September 2016

The 16th International Metal Forming Conference was hosted by AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow from the 18th to the 21st September. This was an exciting opportunity for seven delegates from The University of Sheffield to show off their latest research and to network with other researchers in the area.

The STAR group and the FAST-forge project had a strong presence consisting of Nick Weston, Emma Calvert and Jacob Pope. The conference concentrated on traditional metal forming routes, so introducing a novel process that produces components using titanium powder was a particular head turner. It demonstrated how the University of Sheffield is challenging how we can attain conventional products (automotive parts in this case) by a vastly different processing route.

Jamie Pennington and Bradley Wynne also showcased the best of the University of Sheffield with research on forging high performance stainless steel flanges for deep-sea oil lines.

One of the highlights that were of particular interest was a fascinating presentation on forging ‘ultra large’ components from keynote speaker Professor Jesus Talamantes–Silva, the group design and technology director of Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd.

Overall, the conference was insightful with a broad range of different technologies and processes being presented. Combined with a historic city including fantastic food and drink the STAR group had a great time and will be sure to be visiting again in the future.

Attendees: Jacob Pope, Nick Weston, Emma Calvert, Jamie Pennington, Bradley Wynne

Conference papers and presentation titles

Emma Calvert

Presentation and Conference Paper

Exploitation of field-assisted sintering technology (FAST) to produce pre-forged billets from metastable beta titanium alloy powder

Jacob Pope


Exploitation of Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) and subsequent deformation for producing dissimilar titanium alloy components from powder

Jamie Pennington

Presentation and Conference Paper

Constitutive Equation Development to Model the Hot Forging of ZERON®100 Super Duplex Stainless Steel and Associated Microstructural Evolution