Tom Childerhouse

EngD Student

Research Area:
Machining Science

I graduated from a masters degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield in 2018. During my studies I developed an interest in machining technology whilst undertaking a placement in the Machinability Group at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Following my undergraduate studies I joined the Industrial Doctorate Centre (IDC) to undertake an engineering doctorate (EngD) in machining science.

Current Research

My current research involves studying the machining requirements for titanium alloy components which have been manufactured by near net shape (NNS) processes such as SEBM additive and FAST-forge. These processes offer manufacturers improvements in material utilisation compared to conventional processes, which typically require extensive machining to produce the final component. However for NNS processes, finish machining remains a requirement to produce components which meet both geometrical and surface finish requirements.

This research project has been sponsored by tooling manufactures Seco Tools and Element Six who I am working alongside to investigate the potential benefits of PCD tool material and advanced machining strategies in these types of applications.