Dr. Christopher Dredge

Software Engineer at Savient Limited

I graduated from the BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2015. I completed an internship as a machinist for a manufacturing company after my undergraduate degree. In 2016 I joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Machining Science to complete an EngD sponsored by Rolls-Royce (EPSRC funded)

Current Research

My research has two outputs from it. Being an EngD project there is a strong industrial drive to solve a problem. The industrial application is to improve the chip control problems exhibited by a new titanium alloy. The second which provides the bridge between academia and industry, is to understand the fundamental mechanisms for chip control and the influence on machinability as a whole. The work involves completing machining trials on material from full scale component operations and small scale cutting test rigs using samples no bigger than 15 x 15 x 60 mm, developed at the University, designed to streamline the development process for future emerging titanium alloys.